Fitness Slackers

Keep That Motivation To A Healthier

Hints For Fitness Slackers

Frustration, hard work, one step forward, three steps back… OMG! You really want to be fit and healthy, you want it so BAD, so why is it so hard? You know what to do, you’ve read it, you’ve heard it, but you lack the continued motivation to follow through.


Don’t Skip Breakfast

Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism. The sooner you start eating the sooner you start burning off fat. Wake your body up by having breakfast. Eating fewer meals does not necessarily equal weight loss. Remember food is fuel. Anything you don’t burn off will be stored as fat.

Weight Loss

Don’t Over Do It

When it comes to weight loss training, people often make the mistake of doing too much too soon. Which results in injury and a longer lay off from exercise. Everyone knows cardio is excellent for weight loss, but including some resistance exercises will also aid fat burning.

Muscle Gain

Increase Food Intake

To get big you have to eat big. It is not just about exercise. If you don’t eat enough protein your muscles can’t grow and recover. If you struggle to up your protein through food, try a protein shake as a quick alternative.

Benefits of Meditation

What's the Deal?

Everywhere you look these days, it seems like health pros are telling you to meditate because of its mind-body benefits (it helps you deal with stress better and can prevent overeating, for starters). But there's one problem: Who's got the time?

Endurance Athletes

Workout Habits You Should Steal

As a marathoner, I've learned a lot of lessons about the critical components to running a perfect race (example: tights, rather than shorts, are my running secret sauce). But it wasn't until I recently joined Gatorade Endurance to spectate my first Ironman.

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