Major Gym Mistakes

Fixed Routine

People often stay on the same routine for too long. Change your routine every 4-6 weeks to avoid plateauing. Set mini targets every session to ensure you are always challenging yourself.

Tired Body

Sitting at a desk all day, looking at a computer screen may leave you mentally tired, but physically your body is ready for exercise. Don’t mistake a tired mind with a tired body. Exercise will help de-stress you and relieve tension.

Wrong Warm Up

Ensure you match your warm up to your programme. A treadmill run isn’t going to warm you up for chin up’s. Match your warm up to your session.


Don’t compromise technique for weight. Gradually and progressively increase the weight over time, this ensures you keep good technique. Swinging the back on a bicep curl is a common example.

Listen To Your Body

Your body knows when you’re doing too much. Don’t over train. If you ever feel overly fatigued, then take a day off or take a gentle swim to loosen up those tired muscles.

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